Sunday Jam n°42-De Jam

Live mix at l'Obamo Café, Lyon
No playlist, ask for id tracks. Enjoy !


Mix for Gilles Petterson's Worldwide festival

A mixtape I've made last spring for Gilles Petterson's Worldwide festival in Leysin (CH). Enjoy !

Alogte Oho & his Sound of Joy-Mam yinne wa
Claudio-Bonom chinois (Frankie Francis édit)
Geraldo Pino-Boogie fever
Peter Abdul-Don’t you know
Livy Ekemezie-Delectation
Shina Adewale- (James Stewart & Chylorama edit)
Bitori-Nha bibinha
Janka Nabay-Eh mane ah
Black Stalin-De jam
Shadow-Let’s get it together
Yesterdays New Quintet-Sun goddess


Black Atlantic Mixtape for Radio Nova, Paris

A little mixtape around the Black Atlantic I've made for Radio Nova, famous french Radio. Enjoy !

1-Los Candelosos-Para El Magdalena (Colombie)
2-Os Reis de batuque-Trem Batucada (Brésil)
3-Dele Ojo & His Star Brothers Band- Oja Omoba (Nigeria)
4-Eric Cosaque-Bazouka (Guadeloupe)
5-Os Korimbas-Sémba Braguez (Angola)
6-Chiwoniso zvichapera (Zimbabwe)
7-Ba-Benzélé Pygmies - song of rejoicing after hunt (Centrafrique)
8-Chassol-Samak (Martinique)


The Bofou Safou mixtape (afro-disco mixtape for Amadou & Mariam)

A little mixtape I've made for the promotion of the new Amadou & Mariam 's album (coming in september). Everything is in the title ! Enjoy !

Oumou Sangare – Ya La
O.R.E.A – Biguine inferno
Niama Makalou & African Soul Band – Kognokoura
International Soleil Band – Ta Lassa
Francine McGee – Delirium
Shina Adewale – Oba Oyebade Lipede (James Stewart & Chylorama Edit)
William Onyeabor – Body & Soul (Justin Strauss & Bryan Mette Whatever Remix)
Francis Bebey – Bissao (Pilooski Edit)
Voilaaa feat. Pat Kalla – Pour la vie
Livy Ekemezie – Delectation
Eric Cosaque – Bazouka
Nina Emilia – Empuja Empuja
Pablo Lubadika Porthos – Mbongo Mokosi
Mory Kanté – Courougnegne (Ledoux Records)
Amadou & Mariam – Dyana


Sunday Jam N°50 - I See Chano Pozo

Live session at the radio, no playlist, ask for id tracks, enjoy !


Sunday Jam N°49 - Safari

Live mix at the radio, no playlist, but ask for id tracks, enjoy !


Sunday Jam n°48-Doin' it in the park

Every Sunday on RTU 89.8 fm 8 to 10 p.m

Sorry no playlist for this one, live mix at the radio...
Ask for the tracks...


Sunday Jam n°47-Brotherhood

Sammy Katana
Willie Wood & the Willie Wood Crew (hip hop funk)-Willie Rap
The Equals
13 and you
Gerlado Pino-Boogie Fever
Slim Ali
Paulinho Pinheiro-Merengue Rebita
Orchestra Les Mangelep
Honoré Havolonto
Max Labor-Mama says
Dub Specialist
Tall & the Touchers-Touching the president
I Roy-Set the captive free
Big Youth-Marcus Garvey
Gil Scott-Heron-Angel Dust
Curtis Mayfield-Billy Jack
Kamal Abdul Alim-Brotherhood
the Awakening-Mode For D.D. 1


Sunday Jam n°46-Slick city

i've just changed some stuff with the blog, i'm not very ready yet, sorry if there's some problems, don't hesitate tell me...i'm very bad with that;;;bit the most important is still  there, the music...Enjoy !

Baba Commandant--Waso
Jeri JeriDub Dafa Nekh
Neba Solo - unknown (for me)
Kengue Kengue Orutu System-Obura jabilo
Okukuseku International Band of Ghana - Any trouble
Lone Ranger-Automatic
Burning Spear-Rocking time
Jennifer Lara-Consider me
The Supremes-Your heart belongs to me
Universouls-New generation
Soul President-Got to have it
TNT Boys-Musica del alma
Di Melo-Se o mundo acabasse em mel
James Mason-Slick city
Mad Man Jaga-Mama wam
Eddie Harris-Get On Down
Hugh Masekela-Melodi (Sounds of Home)
Ayetoro (Directions in music by Funsho Ogundipe)-Mr Xyz
Oneness of Juju-West wind
Joe Henderson- 3 sur inner urge
Tete Mbambisa - Trane Ride


My Boiler Room DJ set !

I did this set for Boiler Room few years ago now, it was on the great roof top of the Club Le Sucre in Lyon ! No playlist, but ask for tracks id ! Enjoy !


Sunday Jam n°45-Anoma Antu A

Tracklist :

Apollo International Band of Ghana - Jealousy
Opambuo International Band of Ghana - Madi ama
Peacocks International - Iwe Ewelam
Semi-Colon (LP, EMI)-Love them all
The Equals (LP, ICE)-Helena
Nkengas - Jungle funk (45')
Funkadelic - Undiscokid live
BLO-Don't put the form under me
B.B Collins & his Powerfull Believers - Anoma Antu A
Lonnie Lsiton Smith-I can't stand it
Dieuf-Dieul de Thiès-Jirim
Polyrythmo-Ou c'est lui ou c'est moi
Jackie Mitto - Juice Box
The Funkees - Baby I Need You
Orchestre Baobab - Adduna Jarul Nawo
Danyel Waro - Tikok
Barney Wilen - Zombizar
Alfred Panou & Art Ensemble of Chicago - je suis un sauvage
Ibo Combo-Cafe